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Grey (they/them) and Bubbles (she/her)

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Ongoing Aus and Drabbles
Paused Until Further Notice

Harukyu + Jeongwoo Roommates (Drabble)

Sukhoon Ceo x Secretary AU

Planned AUs and Drabbles

Mashikyu Glow (Drabble)

Sukhoon Blooming (Drabble)

Dosahi Warmth (Drabble)

Yoshihoon Protector (AU)

Mashihoon Mafia (AU)

Hajeongwoo Enemies to lovers (AU)

Jikyu True Mates (AU)

Finished AUs

Mashikyu Lovers

Sukhoon Bad Boy x Playboy

Jaesahi Gamer x Hacker AU

Finished Drabbles

Jikyu Lost Soulmates

Dodam Handprint

Jikyu Winter One-Shot

Treasure Christmas One-Shot

Jaesahi Lovers Fluff version

Jaesahi lovers Explicit version

Jaesahi Friendship Deal Drabble

Mashinori Bad Boy x Good Boy (Drabble)


Mashinori Alternate

Sukhoon Bad Boy x Playboy Preview

Jaesahi Gamer x Hacker Preview

Jikyu Lost Soulmates Preview

Sukhoon Ceo x Secretary Preview

Sukhoon Bad Boy x Playboy Bonus

SukJae Lovers Past


Curious Cat

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